What we do

EagleSchedule is an add-on for   that automatically schedules your projects in few minutes. All we need to know is the estimated time for your tasks, their dependencies, and who is assigned to each task. With that information we compute the schedule that completes your project in the minimum possible time and we set all the start dates and finish dates for you in  .

  • Teamwork Projects integration

    • We share information with Teamwork Projects in a simple and efficient way.

  • Most favorable schedule

    • We search the schedule that makes your project get completed in the shortest possible time.

  • Automatic date setting

    • Not only we compute the schedule, we also set all the task dates for you on Teamwork Projects.

  • Weekends and holidays

    • We adapt the schedule to your weekly and yearly working regime. You just need to tell us the days of the week and the dates from the calendar that are not to schedule.

  • Global view

    • More than one project can be scheduled at the same time with consistent results. Each person on a team will be assigned to only one project at one instant of time.

Contact information

  • support@eagleschedule.com
  • Barcelos - Portugal